Try playing the addicting Red Ball 6

The Red Ball game series is one cool addicting game you will surely love. Help the cute little red ball on his various adventures. Just be quick in solving problems as you roll and jump. You will surely enjoy each and every sequel.

Red Ball 1 is like a tutorial stage; you will be taught how to get through problems and situations. In Red Ball 2, a storyline was added: the cute little red ball had found the love of his life, Pink Ball. But it must surpass all hindrances to get to her. In Red Ball 3, while red ball and pink ball were in a park a black ball appeared and thought it should be him and pink ball. Then he knocked down red ball and kidnapped pink ball. Red ball must save pink ball from black ball’s evil plans. In Red Ball 4 volume 1, while red ball and pink ball were having fun, one of their red ball friends showed up. Alas! It was no ball at all, it was turned into a red square. Red ball must save the other red balls and stop black square from his evil schemes. In Red Ball 4 volume 2, also known as Red Ball 5, red ball must once again stop and defeat Black Square.

Another cool addicting game of the Red Ball game series is the sixth installment, Red Ball 4 volume 3 or simply Red Ball 6. This is the final segment of the Red Ball 4 trilogy. Your goal is to save the red balls from being turned into red squares and stop Back Square from his evil plans once and for all. This time, you will be rolling and jumping inside the deadly factory where the red balls are being turned into red squares.


Red Ball 6 is another cool addicting game you cannot just give up on. No matter how hard, you will surely find a way to get through. Lots of players had finished the game and had uploaded videos of their play. You can check those videos although it would be best to solve the game on your own.

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