Three times the adventure with Flood Runner 3

There are two things that are great about being a part of a game series. One is because it offers and serves a long but exciting adventure. Two is because of the improvement and development that a gamer or a player can witness by playing. One good example of a flash game which is a part of a series is called Flood Runner 3. The character in this game is literally running towards a safe way or area away of the dangers chasing him or her. Continue scanning and skimming the whole content of this article to know or gather some information or idea about the game proper of Flood Runner 3.

The objective of the player is to run forward and keep away from the dangers chasing you such as lava, flood and a giant. Since this is already the third installment, there are new changes presented such as new character designs and graphics, more platforms and new control scheme. This fantastic third installment can be played online for free.


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