Test Your Brain With Wake Up The Box 6!

A cute game with a lovely little box. This box is sleeping in some very strange places and you need to wake her up. So, as you may already know that Wake Up the Box 6 is a puzzle solving and a physics based game. The box is sleeping, and you need to wake her up in different ways. You need to use your knowledge about gravity and to test you brain a little. You need to build a good strategy to finish your task.
You will have a tool which will help you hit the box and wake her up. In the other version of this game, that tool was wooden one, but this time it is made of metal. What you need to do is place some shapes in certain places in order to make the box fall off the platform. Speed is important here because you are racing against the time. So you need to thing very fast and be very skillful!

wake up the box 6 (2)

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