Survive the crazy platforms in Vex 3

Have you heard of the popular online flash game Vex 3? It is the latest game of adventurous Vex game series. Just like the previous two versions, this game is also a breathtaking one full of new obstacles and adventures.


When you start playing the game, Vex 3, you will find simple graphics which will make if doubtful if the game is worth of your time. The surprise is – as soon as you start the tutorial portion, you will discover how engaging this game can be. You need to have a first reflex and decision making ability to play as Stickman, the hero of this game, and will have very short time to go from one check point to another.

The game will present hundreds of obstacles which you need to pass through running, swimming or jumping between the walls. A simple hesitation may make you suffocated under water or make you fall from the top to below because of trembling stair cases. You may think that you will fall from the sky and get a cushion to save yourself, but will find out spikes ready to tear you apart or may be worse.

The more you advance from one level to another; the journey will be more challenging and enjoyable. Good thing is there are checkpoints, so if you die at a certain point you can revive yourself on the closest checkpoint you have reached earlier.

To make Vex 3 more interesting, you can have a timer where you can see how fast you are progressing. As the game control is the easiest you can find, consists of only the arrows or awds keys, you can start playing immediately.
As you go forward you can earn trophies and unlock different obstacles in Vex 3. And the surprising thing is you can build customized stages and challenge your friends if they dare to complete the stage with a single chance. If you are wondering what else to find in this simple looking but exciting game, let’s start playing it now.

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