Survive in Guns Of Icarus Online

Guns of Icarus is an online game developed by Muse Games. It is a multiplayer airship combat where you aim to survive and succeed from the wasteland. An airship is controlled by four players at most, matched by the system or the player’s chosen teammates. Player can choose his role in the game: gunner, engineer or pilot, depends on his skills and preference. But whichever player he chooses, he will surely love the game. Player can also choose his airship. You will go from one town to the other to trade and collect resources. You will also equip your ship for battle against deadly pirates.
Guns of Icarus is an engaging strategy action game. This war game involves skills and some airship knowledge. There is the Guns of Icarus Wiki, click this site to know more about the game.

Guns of Icarus (2)

Guns of Icarus (1)

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