Shoot the cute but evil enemies in Gunny Bunny

Bunnies are cute and cuddly animals. They resemble calmness and peace just by looking at them. There is no wonder why they are very easy to accompany although their maintenance and food costs are quite expensive as well as their hygiene. Nevertheless, they are still wonderful animals as well as pets. There is a flash game that features bunnies as the main characters or rather a bunny. The game is called Gunny Bunny.

Gunny Bunny (1)

If you are curious about this game, you can simply skim and scan the whole content of this article. In the game called Gunny Bunny, the player’s objective is to guide and help the good bunny in defeating the wild and evil ones. There will be lots of different weapons available in which you can utilize or use in shooting the enemy bunnies. There is a great weapon that lets you shoot or fire two shots at once. To be more knowledgeable about this game, you can search for its main webpage online.

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