Save the ball in 3D Curveball

Balls are objects that are usually incorporated in flash game for three reasons. First is because of the familiarity people have to this object. Players will easily determine that the game is entertaining with the presence of these objects. Second reason is because they are easy to operate or control in the game unlike other characters. Last is because they are simple, not too graphically incorporated and not too boring. 3D Curveball is one game which apllies the concept of three dimensions. It is similar to the game called Pong as well as the objective which is to save the ball from falling.
The only difference is that this game is 3D while the Pong is 2D. The players will be given three chances to shot and defeat the computer. Since it is 3D, the playing field will be tougher so the gamer must focus a lot. Visit for more details. Search it now and enjoy this amazing flash game.

3D Curveball

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