Hot Rod Racer-Win Your Race

Hot Rod Racer is a racing game where you can race with 12 excellent cars. Initially you will start from a normal car and as you win the races and get prizes, you can buy new cars with powerful features.
The best thing about Hot Rod Racer is, it is very detail. For an example, you can upgrade every element of a car including the body and tire. You can upgrade your nitro so that you can get a speed boos while racing. There will be total 6 cars in a race and you have to get the top place to get a good amount of reward money. Even you get 6th in the race; you get a prize money for participating. With the money you earn try to buy new upgrades to ensure a comfortable win in the next race.


Fancy Pants World-Draw Your Path

Here begins the great journey of the Fancy Pants World. This game is very famous worldwide for its interesting feature in The great thrilling adventure of this game attracts the player of different taste. The game is very easy to play.
This non-violent game is very famous for its easy gameplay and exquisite graphics. To visit the world the Fancy Pants have to face many challenges and horrific enemies. But his quest for the adventure is unstoppable. That’s why he must continue his journey. In this game you have a chance to explore the different aspects of this world. Use only arrow keys for movements. The A is used for jumping. Also the movements of Fancy Pants is very athletic. This makes the player more interesting towards the game. This game is free and is played by thousands of people all over the world. Play this game and explore a different world.


Fancy Pants Adventure 3-Draw Paths

The Fancy Pants Adventure 3 is one adventurous and brilliant game. It’s full of humorous puzzle and great movements. In this game you have to face several challenging levels. This wonderful flash game from is very popular and addictive as well.
The game is easy to play, if you have played any other games of this franchise then it wouldn’t be a problem. The game offers various dynamic and amusing levels. The graphics, soundtracks and texts are much improved. One of the main attraction of the game is that the levels require more thinking to complete. No violence and bloodshed in the game, so children can play. You can also play the game in ipad, xbox or playstation. As other version this games movements are the same and simple. This game can also be played free in many sites. So, solve the puzzle, complete the levels and enjoy this game.


Telepoultry-Funny Game

Telepoultry is an addicting game which is going to give you lots of fun and when you will play it and you will enjoy your time a lot with this one. The game is free for playing and whenever you want you can play it for having fun.
Telepoultry is a free game to play and it can help you to pass excellent time. The game has excellent graphics and when you will play it you will enjoy your time a lot with this one. You can play it online for free and when you will try it you will really enjoy your time. You can play the game online for free whenever you do like and you will get a great time with this one. You can play it online for free and you will have an awesome time with this flash game. You can play it online whenever you like and you will enjoy your time a lot with this flash online game.


My Dolphin Show 4

If you enjoyed the previous games, this is definitely the game for you.




You can play this game via this link

Pinata Hunter 1-Hunting Game

Pinata Hunter 1 is first installment that has been published online for giving fun to the players. In this game you have to hunt the piñata and you have to collect the candies. Whenever you want to play the game you can have it on your computer.
Pinata Hunter 1 is very thrilling game that is very interesting and it is quite costly. You can use your weapon to kill the piñata and after that you can collect the candies. Without hunting the piñata you can’t get a single candy. You will also get coins by hitting the piñata. It is a great hunting game and when you will play it you will have lots of fun. Whenever you want you can play this online game and obviously it will give you a great time. It is free for all and if you have good internet connection you will be able to play it online without paying any money.


Bus Man Parking 3D-Park Properly

Bus Man Parking 3D is a nice game which gives the real thrill of parking a bus. You have to move the bus at the right angle and take it to the right position which is quite challenging. Parking the bus at the right place is quite difficult but you have to move it sharply.
Bus Man Parking 3D is a great parking game and you can easily pass your time with it. The game has awesome graphics and it is a 3D game so you can have nice time with it. The game is a wonderful one and it will make your time awesome. Whenever you want you can play this free online game and it will be really a wonderful game for you. You must be playing the game online otherwise you will not get the opportunity to share the scores with your online friends. Start playing it online and you will get lots of fun from it.


Skywire 2-Lift the Passengers

Skywire 2 is second installment which is a popular game and it gives you the opportunity to remove your boredom. Here in the game you have to take the passengers and control your sky wire to take it to the destination. You can play the game free on
Skywire 2 is one of the most played online games which have been published recently and it gives lots of fun to the players. Here in the game your task is to take the passengers to the end point without damaging the ride. There are so many obstacles that you will become confused how to take the vehicle safely. The game has different installments and you can enjoy all of them for free. Whenever you want you can play this online free game and you can download it for playing later if you have slow internet connection. Try to play it online because that makes the game more enjoyable.


Flakboy 4-Damage the Boy

Flakboy 4 is another nice installment of the series which can give you the chance to damage the flak boy. In this awesome game your task is to damage the flak boy as much as you can and by doing that you will win the game. If you have very weak heart do not click here.
Flakboy 4 is really exciting to play and you can enjoy your time with it. You have to play the weapons at the right time and after that you can press the hit button to blast all the bombs. The maximum you damage the flak boy the better score you can made. It is not so easy but if you play carefully you can easily do this task. The game can give you awesome time but you have to play it with great care. Play this awesome game online whenever you want as it is free and it will give you amazing time.


Uphill Rush 8-Tremendous Racing Game

Uphill Rush 8 is the eight installments of the series which has become one of the most played games nowadays. There are many people who are fan of this online game. Do you want to play the game online? Check here
Uphill Rush 8 offers the players some interesting vehicles and you can choose any of the vehicles that you like. You can choose bike, car, boat or helicopter. After choosing the vehicle you can go for the real racing. It will be a wonderful time for you to play this online free game and for sure you will have some fun with it. The game is really good and anyone can enjoy the time with it. You can start to play the game online right now and hopefully you will have really great time with this game. You can play it online and you can pass all your day long with it.