Help The Shotgun Princess

Luke Horwath presents a game The Shotgun Princess, where you have to help a little prince, which is carrying a shotgun. But helping her isn’t so easy, as there are many goblins and witches in those woods. This hunting cabin is very dangerous for her, must help her escape this cabin. The game was launched at 13th of Feb, 2009, and players from the globe have played it more than 783,999 times. The game is awesome, especially its first 2 versions are very impressive. People are waiting for its third version. Because the player who completes the 1st and 2nd version looks for the 3rd edition.
When I have read the reviews about this game, I saw some people saying what is the main point of this game? Well, they should read full instructions before they start playing, so they will know the goals and points of the game.

The Shotgun Princess

Select weapons in Feudalism 4

This 4th edition is filled with actions, so you have to use your strategic skills if you need to win the game. It’s created especially for youngsters, which has outstanding graphics, amazing plot and strong characters. Several weapons are added to use during this game. You have to start the game as a local chief having powerful missions. Your mission is how to become the king of all the kings. Do whatever is possible for you in order to get this position. The official site of the game is redirected here.
Your enemies are strong, and you have to fight against them. Don’t worry about its amazing features, as they are so interesting, so you won’t be bored as every feature of the game is enough to keep you happy and close to it. Choose special weapons by selecting different modes.

Feudalism 4

Use Cactus Mccoy Weapons to protect yourself

An adventure game Cactus McCoy provides many actions and hard fighting. So if you need to make yourself safe from the attacks of your enemies, something to defend would be needed, so to get protection from the enemy attacks, there are many weapons created in the game that may have a big role. LOOK AT THIS WEBSITE to check the available weapons. Across the levels, lots of weapons can be found scattered around that are unmanaged and disordered in the game. Remember, each weapon contains its own modern and unique features so they should be used accordingly.
Some of those weapons are projectile while other are melee. So you are free to select from a wide variety of perfectly created weapons. When you start the game you will have nothing of weapons and you must rely on making some punches with naked hands.

cactus weapons

Enjoy first 7 easy levels in Strike Force Heroes 3

Looking for a cool and nice action game? Strike Force Heroes 3 is a game that you can enjoy if you like playing the striking related games online. Enjoy this fee game with a lot of action as well as a complex plot. The Armor Games Inc created the game and once again, this company has tried to do something different with creating a new game. Armor Games Inc always creates the games that are liked by most players online. This 3rd version has more than 50 levels and the first seven levels have a normal difficulty. Make sure to learn those easy levels by clicking this link
The difficult levels arrive from 20 to 30 and the rest of levels are very hard and have certifiable difficulty. You are free to choose the levels you want to play.

Strike Force Heroes 3

Play Uphill Rush 5 same like the previous versions

Though there is a some difference between this 5th edition and the previous 4 editions, but this Uphill Rush 5 has the same extreme racing concepts and you will feel like you are playing one of the previous versions. How can you play this new version? Well, the default keys are the same, so the arrow up is to accelerate, the arrow down is to reverse, the arrow left is to lean back, the arrow right is to lean forward. The X key can be used to activate turbo, the M key is designed to toggle map off and on. Learn more controls here
If you face some difficulty in using these controls, you are free to customize them according to your situation and preference.

Shoot the Woobies Online

Woobies is a game related to cool bubble shooting and nice childish creatures. Your mission in this game to shoot the Woobies as much as you can. Remember, at last you will see a big Ambos that will try to smash the babies, so you have to save babies from those Woobies and that big ambos.

This game has easy to use controls such as mouse and some keys from the keyboard. Your mouse will be used to make the aim and then shoot. This game is created using simple graphics without using the heavy codes and much flashy work. So that’s why it is easy to load as well on your computer screen. Enjoy it with your kids and provide them a good time while they play it online.

Shoot the Bubbles in Bubble Shooter 2

Bubble Shooter 2 is an addictive game designed with marble popper genre. You have to match three or more groups of bubbles that have the same color to clean the field of play. The more bubbles are popped by you, the more and more points you will get. Your aim is to clean the screen. You can play this game at and a lot of other games can be found by exploring this website.

When you have made a match of three or four bubbles, you will have to shoot them, so once you have got a hit they will disappear. More hardening and difficult levels will come when you have achieved the basic levels. As the popularity of bubble shooter games increases, the developers are coming up with new and interesting games in this category. In fact, Bubble Shooter 2 is the favorite game of many people

Taking Risk in Cactus Mccoy 3

Cactus McCoy, the damned treasure hunter, is back to hunt more wild treasure. In this 3rd edition, you will see more action, thrills and adventure. After Cactus Mccoy’s last dangerous adventure and tiresome, he did not sacrifice and proceeds to his journey for searching the more artifacts and treasures. There are many exiting and new features loaded to add extra excitements.
Cactus McCoy 3 gives a few unique and new weapons and some difficult jobs have been added in this edition and you will face more challenges because it provides many booby traps and puzzles within the level that needs skills and careful timing to go ahead through the steps. This is a platform game, and you will see how the Cactus McCoy flexed into a cactus. He is not unaware of the curse while he finds a treasure. Cactus McCoy continues the journey ignoring the risks of taking hold of more artifacts.

Run Ninja Run 3: A great fighting game

Run Ninja Run 3 is an advanced version of this series. Actually, this game is a story of a jailed ninja, who escaped from enslavement. That ninja tries his best to run away from the people who are running behind him to capture him and he uses his swift and great running skills as well as his blade.
In this Run Ninja Run 3 game, an enormous monster comes in front of the ninja that is intent to kill and fight against him using a tool in his hand like a hammer. The ninja will face some obstacles also along the way and he will cut the fat and ugly heads of his many enemies using his deep knowledge that he has about Ninjutsu. If you set the prequel to Run Ninja Run 3 in a dark Cavern, it will take space in the temple rooftops during the sunset time.

Keep Your Balance in Winter Rider

A bike doesn’t only represent style and speed. It also represents balance. Winter Rider is a bike game that tests how good you are at balancing your bike.
The background of this game is snowy to represent the winter. You have to drive your bike through different obstacles like cars, home etc. and this zigzag path will make it difficult to maintain your bike balance. If you lose slightest of your balance you will crash. You can’t be fast and you can’t be slow either. Therefore, maintaining the right speed to cross the obstacle is also a tricky part. When you cross first eight levels you will get a new bike and thus you will unlock more bikes by completing more levels of Winter Rider.