Awesome maze game list in Scary Maze Game

Are you a fan of going into mazes and finding your way out of the frightening, nerve-pounding situation? Love the thrill of finally finishing the maze? Well, if you’re maze crazy and still want to ride the rush of adrenaline only it can give, the Scary Maze Games are definitely for you. Gone is the need to actually go inside the maze in real life. Get that same thrill, that same excitement in an awesome virtual setting! There are loads of maze games online and it will take you years to play all of them. To help you narrow your search to find the best maze game down, Scary Maze Game offers you an awesome list of the top ones around. To check them out, click this link:

Scary Maze Game is an awesome list that will surely make the maze fan in your cry out in joy. So stop wasting time and click the link now.

scary maze game


There are many arcade games existing in different kinds of gaming sites. Racing is one of the most popular themes that click with all kinds of people. It is indeed fun to play with this kind of flash game. One of the most popular and unique games is the Space Punk Racer. To give you an idea, it involves futuristic background, a racing bike and 8 different tracks that will surely capture thousands of gamers worldwide.
Space Punk Racer has a futuristic effect where the background is completely different with the usual racing environment which set it apart from other version. This game also features a racing bike and 8 different tracks that makes it more fun to play as well as make the gamer up until the end of the game. The goal here is to finish the race on top. So foe racing enthusiasts , don’t waste time and search Space Punk Racer and enjoy.

Space Punk Racer

Enjoy now Return Man 3

Are you ready to play the 3rd version of Return Man series? Let’s enjoy it which is called Return Man 3. If you are looking for a site that provides the player facility of free playing click here now. The game Return Man 3 is a game that is ascended and moved upward from the return man series where the main focus is only to save the ball from many other attackers. The game is one of the best free games that can be played online and it’s available at many websites which is planned and designed for anybody who likes to enjoy online games.
If you played American Football game, then you will see that this version is similar to that game where the mission of any player is to stop the attacks of your enemies from snatching the created balls from the player.

Return Man 3

Pick up the device in Submachine 3: The Loop

Pastel Games is ready to keep you updated about a new version that was released from the series Submachine: The Loop and now the new name of its new version is Submachine 3: The Loop. This edition will certainly make the player happy. To play this game, I would like to give you some tips and one of those is that you should draw a map and take some notes.
Just use your mouse to enjoy this amazing version. Your job will be pointing and then clicking. It is a puzzle game that was created and published on 2nd of Jan, 2008. It has been played for 92,526 times and this number is growing day by day. The version has many levels, but it is important that you should pass the first level quickly and pick up the device that you need. Try this game now and discover many surprises along the way!

Submachine 3 The Loop

Solve the puzzles in Red Beard 2

A series named Red Beard has many versions and its first version has been liked well by the people from all over the world. Now get ready to enjoy the 2nd installment called Red Beard 2. The technology of online games has been improved well in the past 5-10 years and it’s improving quickly and we can hope it will be better in the next 5 years. The game we are talking about is a platform-based game which needs much thinking because a lot of puzzles will have to be solved in this game.
Keep in mind that you will need to choose and select the right colors in order to win the game. May you wonder which kind of colors we are discussing, don’t worry, read the manual and play according to the guide you will have at the start.

Red Beard 2

Shooting in Demon Destroyer 2

Have you played and enjoyed the earlier release of Demon Destroyer series? If you have, then I am sure you have the idea about how to play it, because the 2nd version Demon Destroyer 2 is same as the first one in handling, playing, and controlling. In this edition, the player will see a small yellow ball, and he has to shoot it to a target. Did you know what was the target in the first edition? Well, the target in that version and in this version is devils, and you have to send them back to the place they desire to, I mean hell.
Remember, you have no unlimited number of shots, so use them carefully and shoot as minimum balls as possible to save the limit. Nothing is needed to control and enjoy this game except your mouse. Learn before you intend to play.

Demon Destroyer 2

Fly the plane in stunt pilot 2

It’s the 2nd version of the series stunt pilot, at and it’s called stunt pilot 2. It’s a precision-based game made in flash and developed by Rock Solid Arcade. Here you will see that the player would be putted in the cockpit of a plane which is created especially for stunt performance. You have to do nothing but using some simple and easy to handle controls including the arrow keys to move the plan to the directions mentioned by the developer. You will need to boost the speed of your plan, so use the space bar to do this. You have to navigate through many rings because that’s is your goal in this amazing game.
If you are not comfortable with using the up and down arrow keys, feel free to use the right and left arrow keys, as it will work the same.

stunt pilot 2

Curve Ball: A Game Must be Played

Are you a fan of the game Pong? Do you fancy it being subjected to a more futuristic feel? Well then, your wish is granted a new game is in town and it’s awesome and fun. Curveball is like pong but it’s better. Why? It’s 3d! The game will leave you addicted no matter what age you are. If you’re old or young or just starting to grow that mustache, this game will definitely leave you wanting for more. Each stage will be more challenging than the next so it’s very challenging and exciting.
Unleash that gaming addict within you and play Curveball now! You definitely won’t regret it.


Enjoy eating in Effing worms 2

The worm in Effing worms 2 is back and now it is very hungry. By eating people, he will get bigger and then evolove. After a two years of sleeping, the worm become smaller but the wonderful fact is that it has still wings. Use some easy controls such as W, A, S, D and the arrow keys. All these keys are specially created to move the character. Within 10 minutes, you can make the score above 19415200 but even greater if you play it like a professional.
Don’t think about getting the score in a very short time, it needs some patience and accuracty before you achieve a big one. The game is fun, but sometimes, you will see it causes to bore you a little bit. But overall, the game is fantastic and enjoyable.

Effing worms 2

Jump, jump, jump in Space is Key!

Have you ever experienced staying up all night long because you just can’t stop playing until you finish a game? Have you ever experienced being frustrated by a game yet still playing it because YOU MUST WIN? Well, Space is Key is definitely a game that will make you say yes to both of these questions. Annoyingly fun and challenging, this game is definitely something that will bother you for days if you don’t manage to pass all the levels! The objective of the game is to overcome all the obstacles by timing your jumps correctly. If you fail to do so, you will turn into small, useless particles! The only control that you need for the game is the space key- hence, the name.
Space is Key might sound like an easy game but once you play it, you will have to eat your words. Fun, exciting and sometimes frustrating, this game should definitely be in your to-play list.

Space is Key