Demonstrate your jumping abilities in Pixel Jump

Are you familiar with the flash game called Pixel Jump? Do you know what is this game all about? Have you played such game before? If you are clueless or have no answers to the questions, this article will eventually give you an idea of how this flash game works.

Pixels have become in demand in different entertainment platforms because of three reasons. One is because of the dimension it brings to a particular platform. Second is because it is simple and not complicated. Lastly, it is a great product of the never-ending imagination of humankind. Pixel Jump offers an icon that a player should guide and navigate throughout the game. This is obviously a pixel jumping game, which means the controls are easy to handle such as arrow keys. The objective is to overcome obstacles, defeat enemies, and complete each level. There are power ups available as you progress in the game. You can search for this game in different gaming sites online.



Test Your Brain With Wake Up The Box 6!

A cute game with a lovely little box. This box is sleeping in some very strange places and you need to wake her up. So, as you may already know that Wake Up the Box 6 is a puzzle solving and a physics based game. The box is sleeping, and you need to wake her up in different ways. You need to use your knowledge about gravity and to test you brain a little. You need to build a good strategy to finish your task.
You will have a tool which will help you hit the box and wake her up. In the other version of this game, that tool was wooden one, but this time it is made of metal. What you need to do is place some shapes in certain places in order to make the box fall off the platform. Speed is important here because you are racing against the time. So you need to thing very fast and be very skillful!

wake up the box 6 (2)

Eliminate The Bad Guys In Road Spies

More speed, more racing and more shooting! If you like games with this description, Road Spies is the game for you! As its title explains, you are a road spy. You will be driving some very fast cars through various environments. It has great graphics that appear very realistic. You will have a possibility to upgrade as you progress in the game. So all you need to do is use your racing skills properly. Some of the weapons will be deadly and will cause big explosions, so this game isn’t suited for young kids.
Your goal is to kill some bad guys on the street. You need to complete certain missions in order to earn money. With that money you can buy some pretty good weapons and upgrade your car. There will be 4 challenges to complete every day. You need to eliminate the criminals and survive in the jungle. Race and have fun!


Free Online Zombie Games For The Thrill Lovers

There are a lot of great zombie games on the internet. Those are the games that make your adrenalin rush and that chase the boredom away! Escaping from the horde of zombies can be very thrilling. There is something very exciting about those games. One of the free online zombie games is Road Of The Dead, where you are driving through the highway, filled with zombies and blood. Then there is The Last Stand series of a very popular games, where a hero need to escape from a city invaded with zombies.
Earn To Die series are also some awesome zombie games, where you are also escaping from zombies, trying to find a safe place. There are also different cars which you have to buy and upgrade so you can reach the finish line. all those games have the same goal, and very similar stories. If you like some action, find out more at


Cursed Treasure 2: Don’t Touch My Gems

If you are into tower defense browser games, Cursed Treasure 2 is a must play. Accomplish every level responsibly. The ultimate goal in this game is to take care of your treasured gems. What you must do is to build three towers; the lairs, the crypts and the temples, around the building where the gems are located, strategically to protect those from vicious invaders.
The game has something to do with the number 3. There are three towers, three lands and three level ranking. Every successful defending of a level will be ranked based on how good you defended the treasured building. Good, Excellent and Brilliant is what you will be ranked. If ever you did not improve in every level, you will still get rewards. But, more prizes await for the raise of ranking. If you want to develop your critical thinking? Cursed Treasure 2 has it for you.

Cursed Treasure 2 (1)

Exciting and thrilling ride in American Racing Game

Racing games are gaining so much popularity among gamers around the world because of four reasons. One is because it involves vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles. Most of us love these vehicles, which we usually use in transportation and strolling around. Second reason is because they raise the competitiveness of an individual. Third reason is because of the fact that it is relatable which means most people will easily recognize and understand this game. Last is because they offer entertainment, which is the main purpose of every game. American Racing Game is one of the hundreds of racing games available that brings fun and excitement to people. This game is about racing in different tracks across the United States of America.
As a player, you have to beat your opponents and finish 60 amazing levels and be a champion racer. You have to be at your best and avoid many obstacles as possible to finish first. You may not get more tips here but the information is enough to raise awareness about American Racing Game.

American Racing 2 (3)

Eliminate dark cars in Vehicles 1

Fond of Vehicles? There is a flash game that will make you excited and pumped up. That flash game is called Vehicles 1. There are many games existing online which have a theme about vehicles. The challenge to make a game standout depends on the creativity of game creators. They have to plan and create with authenticity and entertainment. The flash game series Vehicles is very unique and you can determine details about it when you continue reading the whole content.
With Vehicles 1, players will have to accomplish one goal and that goal is to eliminate all the dark or bad vehicles out of the platform and even out of the screen. You will have to use the different light colored cars to push or bump the bad ones out of the way and park the light cars on the designated place. There are 25 basic levels and 10 mega levels which everyone can enjoy. Go and search Vehicles 1 and have a thrilling gaming experience now!


Save the ball in 3D Curveball

Balls are objects that are usually incorporated in flash game for three reasons. First is because of the familiarity people have to this object. Players will easily determine that the game is entertaining with the presence of these objects. Second reason is because they are easy to operate or control in the game unlike other characters. Last is because they are simple, not too graphically incorporated and not too boring. 3D Curveball is one game which apllies the concept of three dimensions. It is similar to the game called Pong as well as the objective which is to save the ball from falling.
The only difference is that this game is 3D while the Pong is 2D. The players will be given three chances to shot and defeat the computer. Since it is 3D, the playing field will be tougher so the gamer must focus a lot. Visit for more details. Search it now and enjoy this amazing flash game.

3D Curveball

Finish First with Renegade Racing

Are you an avid fan of racing? Have you tried competing in a race? What type do you like to use? Well, if you are unsure with your answers, don’t worry because this article will give you clear answers about flash games with a theme like driving and racing. One perfect example is Renegade Racing. This one is all about craziness and fun with the usual driving and racing vibes. Wondering what this game is about? You will find out if you continue reading. A player of Renegade Racing will have to race against crazy and quirky racers such as rednecks, police men and other track racers. There are different tracks presented in every level and tricks that you should perform to boost your car towards the finish line.
Make sure to be the first placer in every race so that you can upgrade your car into a better one. Enjoy playing Renegade Racing and beat the rest of the racers. Search it now and have a blast racing.

Renegade Racing

Be quick and alert on Rail Rush 2

Elements of a good game are the effects, features, progression, and excitement. A game creator or producer tackles every aspects of gaming, think about what will click, and what will flip. They usually focus on the effects such as color, lighting, and background because a game needs to be attractive to be appreciated. Features are important too because they add flavor and design to the effects. Continuity is very essential because a gamer wants a game that progresses. Last one is the excitement factor. Players look forward to the challenge of the game, which makes it more exciting and fun to play.
An example is Rail Rush 2. This game is the second version of the series Rail Rush. The player needs to collect all the assigned item, avoid obstacles and memorize necessary signs in order to advance in the next level. Every gold that will be collected can be used in buying and upgrading the rail vehicle. You can search Rail Rush 2 online, download it, and click to play. One will surely enjoy this fantastic flash game.

rail rush 2

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