Find the safe exit in Survival Lab

There is a variety of meanings that the word “survival” has. It can be connected to mankind’s strive for everyday survival. It can also be related to a success in a particular event such as a triathlon, a competition or a fitness program. There is also the colloquial resemblance to the students’ aim in an exam or series of exams. There could be many meanings to almost everything which makes life worth exploring and living. There is a flash game that is also about surviving and it is called Survival Lab.

Survival Lab

It is a flash game developed by Max Games. This is all about surviving the mysterious and creepy laboratory. The scenario in this game is that you are placed in an unknown laboratory and your mission is to find the safe exit. To achieve your goal, you must surpass the hurdles in the laboratory by jumping or running over them as well as collecting bonuses to add up to your score. This simple pixelated game can be found and played online.

Collect the stars in Free Rider 2

Do you love riding a bicycle? If your answer is a yes, then you are one of the environment-friendly people. A bicycle has many benefits that most of us can take advantage of. One is the fact that it is a good medium of transportation as well as an environment-friendly way too because it doesn’t require fuel that creates smoke which damages the environment. Another advantage is that it is a good tool for exercising. Last is the fact that it is efficient in terms of heavy traffic because it can be driven in steep streets due to its thinness and lightness.

Free Rider 2 (1)

There is no wonder why there are flash games that incorporate this mode of transportation. One example is the game called Free Rider 2. The process of this game is pretty simple. You just have to guide and navigate the BMX bicycle across different tracks while collecting stars for points. You must also perform the required stunts in different checkpoints. To play this fantastic game, you can search for

Help Your Crew In Guns of Icarus!

Guns of Icarus is a great fighting game, but this time it is set in the sky! Folks who like adventure, shooting and fighting will enjoy it! You are flying in the sky with your airship and your crew! Can it be more exciting? Come join this amazing world with awesome graphics! Join the faction and fight for it. You will have a great time playing it!

In this game you have a lot of possibilities to progress and upgrade your skills. You will also collect some very interesting items. And you will love your airships. As you progress you can unlock some amazing airships as well as new weapons. You will be fighting in battles along with your crew and it will be amazing! This game offers a very dynamic type of play where you need to be concentrated and prepared to resist the enemy. So if you think you can do that, click the site and challenge yourself!

Guns of Icarus (4)

Shoot the cute but evil enemies in Gunny Bunny

Bunnies are cute and cuddly animals. They resemble calmness and peace just by looking at them. There is no wonder why they are very easy to accompany although their maintenance and food costs are quite expensive as well as their hygiene. Nevertheless, they are still wonderful animals as well as pets. There is a flash game that features bunnies as the main characters or rather a bunny. The game is called Gunny Bunny.

Gunny Bunny (1)

If you are curious about this game, you can simply skim and scan the whole content of this article. In the game called Gunny Bunny, the player’s objective is to guide and help the good bunny in defeating the wild and evil ones. There will be lots of different weapons available in which you can utilize or use in shooting the enemy bunnies. There is a great weapon that lets you shoot or fire two shots at once. To be more knowledgeable about this game, you can search for its main webpage online.

Do the tricks perfectly in BMX Tricks Game

Why are racing games very popular in the online gaming world? Three reasons or factors can satisfy the question mentioned. One is because of the involvment of vehicles such as cars, trucks and motorcycles. Second is because of the feeling one gets whenever he or she is racing and winning. Last is because of the fact that it is a good form of entertainment. If you are looking for a unique racing game, the answer is the flash game called BMX Tricks Game. This flash game is very unique because it incorporates racing and stunts.

BMX Tricks Game (1)

From the title, one can determine that it has something to do with stunt using a particular vehicle which in this game is a BMX. The goal is to perform required tricks or stunts while racing in each tracks. There are two modes. One is time trial in which you have to perform the stunts and finish ahead of time. The other is versus mode in which you can race certain opponents and win.

BMX Tricks Game (3)

Kingdom Rush 2: Ironhide studio comes up with Kingdom Rush Frontiers

If you have played Kingdom Rush, you have already played Frontiers. The sequel comes out with the same tower defense gameplay, art style and presentation. But in this version players will be able to unlock a larger amount of heroes of their choice through gameplay unlocking. A full-fledged campaign returns with Heroic and Iron challenges adding supplemental for those who desires it.

Kingdom rush 2 (5)

The game does make some changes as it deepens its gameplay and elements of the game. The upgrades are now revamped and much more interesting. It comes with another interesting upgrade of axe throwers which damages the enemies at a higher level. With more interactive environments and strategic use of one type items, it can be well differentiated from other tower defense strategy games. Gameplay, enemies, controls levels all that you need is in .

Style the most powerful President in Dress Up Barack

The United States of America is one of the most powerful countries in the world. That is why it needs a powerful and courageous leader, which the Americans have found in Barack Obama. Being the President is tough and not glamorous at all. A lot wants to meet him in real life but only few are given the go signal since it is hard to schedule an appointment with him because he is excessively busy. However, don’t be sad because there is still another way to experience being with the President but it is in a virtual way.


It is through the game called Dress up Barack. With this game, you can have a virtual chance to style and dress the president. The scenario is that he will be attending a particular event and you will have to dress him up with the perfect outfit. There are many options or choices on what to wear and what to style but it will depend on your creativity and fashion sense. Dress up Barack is a fashionable game, which lets you enjoy and practice your keen eye for fashion.

Tow and drive precisely in Towing Mania

Driving games are becoming sensational because it is educational and entertaining. With this event, others will exist and there will be many games with this theme, which can complicate the browsing session of the gamers. It is now up to the creator on how to make the game interesting and unique despite the fact that the game is about driving.


Towing Mania is the perfect flash game since it shows uniqueness and a different level of creativity. From the title alone, you can easily determine that it is a different type of driving game. This is not an ordinary driving game because you will have to simulate the process of towing cars. The player must rule the street and be an authoritative figure that tows cars and other vehicles in designated places and points. It can be a good tutorial for someone who dreams to become a towing vehicle driver in the near future.

Survive in Guns Of Icarus Online

Guns of Icarus is an online game developed by Muse Games. It is a multiplayer airship combat where you aim to survive and succeed from the wasteland. An airship is controlled by four players at most, matched by the system or the player’s chosen teammates. Player can choose his role in the game: gunner, engineer or pilot, depends on his skills and preference. But whichever player he chooses, he will surely love the game. Player can also choose his airship. You will go from one town to the other to trade and collect resources. You will also equip your ship for battle against deadly pirates.
Guns of Icarus is an engaging strategy action game. This war game involves skills and some airship knowledge. There is the Guns of Icarus Wiki, click this site to know more about the game.

Guns of Icarus (2)

Guns of Icarus (1)

Compiled games in Scary Maze Game

Why do you think there are different categories of games existing online? If you are clueless, it is ok because you will eventually be given explanation as you read this whole article. The reason behind the categories of games is to give players options on what to choose. If they prefer action, there is action packed games. If you prefer dress up, there are stylish flash games. If you prefer thrilling ones, then there are racing games. However, the unique category is the one that has a combination. One good example is Scary Maze Game.
Wonder what the combination is? Continue your reading below. It is a maze game with a touch of scary things and backgrounds. This actually a series of scary maze games which means that there will be a long and continuing game flow. There is Scary Maze Game 1 up to the latest edition. The good thing about this compilation is that the player will be surprised or shocked as the game progresses which is a great factor.

Scary Maze Game