Have a keen eye with D-Finder 2

Do you know the importance of being observant? There are two statements written in this article that tackles the importance of this skill or characteristics. Although, for some, it is considered as obsessive-compulsive disorder, it is an essential characteristic to have in different profession or industries. Being observant is needed in the medical world since you are dealing with Science and Medicine that involves a lot of experiments. Being observant is also important when you are in the field of investigating a certain situation that needs a great answer or solution.

D-Finder 2

You can test your eyes’ capabilities by playing the flash game called D-Finder 2. Your goal as the player in this game is to efficiently point out the difference between the two images given in each level. Remember that the pictures and difference are changing in every level. Don’t be confused and just focus on the game at hand so that you will be successful in this tough but entertaining flash game.

Experience chills and thrill with Scary Maze Game

Most of us are aware of maze games where one needs to survive the confusing and tough set of labyrinths before reaching the safe exit. What if there is something more unique than a simple maze game? Yes, there is a flash game that is quite unique. It is called Scary Maze Game. From the title alone, you can easily sense that it has something to do with scary things set up in a game. You are totally correct because this is a one of a kind maze game which is also the first or introductory edition from the game series called Scary Maze Game.


You will be dealing with a maze in which you have to survive and reach the end. You will control and navigate a colored dot that must pass through the maze without touching the walls. If it does touch the wall, there is a surprise that will either excite, shock or scare you to the limits.

Hit the waves in H2Overdose Watercross

Are you a beach person? Do you love swimming or being near on the water? If yes, then you might be interested with the topic that this article is presenting. There is a flash game that incorporates the environment of water and it is called H2Overdose Watercross. From the title alone, you can easily sense that it has something to do with racing on water. Yes, this is a driving/racing game on the water. To find out what you are going to do and deal with in this game, you can easily continue reading the entirety of this article.

H2Overdose Watercross lets you virtually drive and race on water using a specific water-vehicle. Your goal is to reach the finish line in each level without any scratches or damages at all. You should be able to avoid all the necessary hurdles and obstacles setup in the game. There are three tracks to hit with and there are customization buttons to utilize. Search for this game now!



A classic adventure in Land Grab

Are you familiar with board games? They are the games that usually involves a board with designs of certain stuffs. These are fun games that challenges players in terms of tactics and strategies. One perfect example is the game called Land Grab. Do you have any hints or ideas about this particular game? If you are totally clueless, it is fine because you will eventually know certain details about it as you read along this article. One good thing about this game is the fact that it gives life to the classical game which is perfect for new generation to engage with.

Land Grab

land grab (2)

This game is about land grabbing and building construction. The player will act as the manager of a major construction company who will find out certain lands where buildings can be built on. You will have to be strategic and competitive as other companies are raising their levels up to grab lands as many as they can. If you want to engage with this game, you can search for it online.

Unleash your elite skills in Tactical Assassin 2

Are you looking for a high definition flash game which is about tactical shooting? If your answer is a yes, then the game that will be tackled in this article is suitable for you. The title of the game is Tactical Assassin 2. This is a great game of tactics and strategies. But before that, let us tackle why you would love this game. One is because it involves gun and rifle which most of the time is utlized by virtual gamers. Second is because it focuses on being an assassin which is a highly trained person with an objective to destroy and kill. Unleash your elite skills by playing this wonderful game.

This is already the second edition from the game series called Tactical Assassin. The mission in thei new offering is still the same with the previous one which is to eliminate certain people based on the list which will be given to you. Make sure that you will be able to utilize the shooting weapon at all times. Enjoy this game through http://www.tacticalassassin2.com/.

Tactical Assassin 2 (3)

Protect the oranges in Cover Orange Journey Pirates

Are you fond of playing physics-based games? One good game of such kind is the Cover Orange Journey Pirates game. Your main goal is to protect the oranges from the stormy cloud. To do this, you have to help the oranges be shielded from the deadly rainfall. There are various objects in each level which you can use to help the oranges get under a shield.


This is where you have to use your analytical skills; how to use those objects to your advantage. Use your mouse to play the game. As you play, do not forget to collect the star that appears after the first few drops of rain fall. Do your best to earn three stars in each level. There are twenty four levels to play. And add to your challenge experience with this game: try to earn all of the Achievements too.

Three dimensional adventure in Age of Speed 3

Racing games have been getting a lot of attention from gamers around the world because they are trully exciting. There are three reasons why such success has been given to these games. One reason is because of the entertainment it brings to any one who plays it. Second reason is because it raise awareness about competitiveness in an individual. Third reason is because it is thrilling, exciting and entertaining to a greater level. This article presents a good example which is called Age of Speed 3. You can read the whole article or you can browse around this site for further details.

age of speed 3

The good thing about it is that it is three dimensional. Just read the succeeding sentences to know your objective.You will just have to choose a racer as well as the vehicle that you will be using in the race. There are good looking graphics that are not painful to watch and see as well as cool cars and tracks that one can really enjoy. This third installment can be played online. Go ahead and search for it now!

Seek for positivity and peace in Raze 2

A flash game series is indeed a great varied compilation of tremendous entertainment.One good example is the Raze series. It has come up with its second serving in Raze 2. Have you noticed that shooting games are getting popular among gamers nowadays? There are three reason why a game like Raze 2 is becoming a favorite among other flash games. First is because of the entertainment factors it has such as graphics and background. Second is because of the fact that it is an action packed game because of the involvement of shooting schemes. Last reason is because of the fact that it requires full interaction from the player. Further details are included or written on the next paragraph.


Since this is already the second edition, you can expect for a higher degree of entertainment and challenge. This game is the second installment of Raze which means it has the same objective like the first one had. It is to eliminate opponents using different shooting weapons available. There are three game modes available such as human, alien and quick match. Search Raze 2 now and have a full blast game. Be alert, mindful and efficient in seeking for positivity rather than evil or bad doings.

Beat the levels in Taxi Gone Wild

Do you feel the need for speed virtually? If yes, then you will surely be delighted with the flash game presented in this article. It is obviously about cars and driving. It is called Taxi Gone Wild. It is noticeable that racing and car games are the ones being constantly played by many gamers around the world for two reasons. First is because of the adrenaline rush virtually brought by the games. Second is because of the involvement of the cars which most of us are passionate about. It is a good alternative to partially fulfill that passion. If you want to know this game better, please rely on the next paragraph.


This is a unique racing game because the player needs to deal with a taxi and a massive space for driving. The mission of the player is to drive as fast as he or she can. The player will be given 30 seconds to finish each level. Keep beating each level and set your own record. The good thing about this game is that there are no complicated rules but a time limit.

Three times the adventure with Flood Runner 3

There are two things that are great about being a part of a game series. One is because it offers and serves a long but exciting adventure. Two is because of the improvement and development that a gamer or a player can witness by playing. One good example of a flash game which is a part of a series is called Flood Runner 3. The character in this game is literally running towards a safe way or area away of the dangers chasing him or her. Continue scanning and skimming the whole content of this article to know or gather some information or idea about the game proper of Flood Runner 3.

The objective of the player is to run forward and keep away from the dangers chasing you such as lava, flood and a giant. Since this is already the third installment, there are new changes presented such as new character designs and graphics, more platforms and new control scheme. This fantastic third installment can be played online for free.