Collect candies as many as you can in Pinata Hunter 3

Pinata Hunter 3 is the third installment from the sweet-filled game series called Pinata Hunter. It has something to do with the famous Pinata which we usually see and enjoy during birthdays and other festivities. There are two reasons why you will love this flash game. First is because it is easy to play due to understandable graphics and features. Second is because it involves candies which are sweet and delicious. You may not taste them for real but you will still enjoy the sweetness virtually.

The instruction or objective in this third offering is very simple which is to hit the Pinata and collect all the candies as many as you can. In each level, there are different equipment or instrument that you can use. If you are able to earn enough money, you can finally buy the chainsaw to hit the elephant filled with candies. Enjoy and play this delicious and sweet game at


Be brave or lose the game in Scary Maze Game 4

Scary Maze Game 4 is the fourth installment from the game series with the same title minus the number 4 in it. If you will notice, there are lots of maze games existing online now. Due to this event, there is commonality or redundancy happening. It is a struggle for game creators to produce a unique one because of this event. Tremendous creativity and determination are the key to creating a game that will really stand out. There are two things that you should look forward into playing this particular game. First are the simple graphics and designs which truly live up to the title of the game which is scary and creepy.

Scary Maze Game 4 (4)

Second is the surprise that will appear once you are able to finish the game with flying colors. The mission of the players who will be engaging with this fourth offering is to control and navigate the red circle towards the blue-green area to advance to the next level. The 4th level is where the creepiness starts. Make sure that you are prepared with what is to come. This is a matter of good controlling and being brave literally. Test your bravery at

Play and enjoy more in Raze 3

One of the best shooting games online is the Raze game series. Each sequel is packed with action, danger and adventure. And Raze 3 is full of new contents. You will now be shooting zombies too, in addition to shooting humans and aliens. As you shoot enemies, you will earn credits which you can use to upgrade you character and buy new weapons.


At the beginning of the game, you can choose to play Campaign Modes, Quick Match Mode, Premium Campaign and Daily Challenges. The Campaign Modes consists of Human Campaign and Alien Campaign. However, to access Alien Campaign, all fifteen levels of Human Campaign must be completed first. You earn credits as you kill enemies. You can use these credits in upgrading yourself by purchasing abilities and buying weapons and equipment. You can also earn additional credits when you complete the Daily Challenges.

Try playing Games Like Desert Rifle and enjoy

The Desert Rifle game series is one of the best shooting games you will find online. Aside from the gameplay itself, both visual effects and graphics presentation are great. Only, when you have played all the game sequels and finished all the missions, there is nothing more to do but to play the games over again. Your other option is to find games like Desert Rifle. And you will find three games in


First is Storm Ops where you are a soldier ad you are to shoot and kill the coming enemies. There are twenty five waves for you to survive. Second is Last Line of Defense where a virus had killed almost everyone and you are among the few survivors; you must kill the zombies attacking you. Then third is Castle Guardian where you have to kill all enemy soldiers before they destroy the walls of the castle.

Win the challenges in Downtown Drift

Do you love racing games? If you are positive about the question, then you will surely be excited to read this page. This content presents a good example under this category which is called Downtown Drift. But before we move on to further details about the game, let us quickly talk about racing games in general. It is obvious that this category is one of the most in demand games in the gaming world. There are two reasons why. First is because of the involvement of different vehicles used in racing which fascinates and attracts a lot of gamers around the world. Second is because of the adrenaline rush that it brings to anyone who will be engaging with it.

Going back to the main topic, the mission of the players in Downtown Drift is to race in different tracks in the city. You have to win three challenges in a row to advance in each track. Make sure that you are good in drifting and racing to beat your opponents.


Turn the duckling into a wonderful duck in Duck Life Games

Are you familiar with the story of the Ugly Duckling? If yes, then you will surely enjoy the treat that this article is presenting or offering. This article that you are currently reading presents a flash game series called Duck Life Games. The reason behind the question asked earlier is because there is a resemblance in terms of the story although it is created in totally different ways.

Duck Life Games is a compilation/series of games that involved ducklings which will eventually turned into great ducks. This offers seven versions or editions such as Duck Life 1, Duck Life 2, Duck Life 3, Duck Life 4, Duck Life 5, Duck Life 6 and Duck Life 7. Each has unique backgrounds and environment but have the same goals or objectives which is to train the duckling in flying, swimming, climbing, running and endurance. The only change is that the goal gets tougher and harder for players to achieve. This particular game series is a nice one to engage with.

Duck Life games (1)

Defeat the powerful enemies in Raft Wars 3

Are you looking for an exciting and fun game? If you are positive about the question, then you will surely love the topic of this article that you are currently reading. This article is about a flash game called Raft Wars 3. You can see more information if you continue your reading. This is an exciting and cute shooting game which is perfect for all ages. There are two reasons why you will love this game. First is because of the easy controls provided so that you will not have to memorize certain keys for movement. Second is because this is a good way to relieve stress from everyday work and activities.

Raft Wars 3 (2)

Raft Wars 3 is the third installment from the game series called Raft Wars. This game features Simon and his brother. They are treasure protectors that are doing their best to protect the precious objects from the most powerful enemies existing. The goal of the players who will be embarking on the adventure that this game has is to shoot all the enemies using the cute and colorful shooting weapon which is provided in the game.

A unique and feisty loveteam in Shorty Covers

Are you familiar with Shorty Covers? If you are clueless about it, then you will be knowledgeable if you continue reading this very article. Shorty Covers is not a movie, a television series or a stage play but a flash game. This is a new edition from the Sift Heads series with a unique and feisty adventure and characters.

Shorty Covers

The story in this game is about Shorty who is the lover of Vinnie. The latter has a mission and must be successful but there are enemies and obstacles on the way that are waiting for a face off. Being the lover of Vinnie, Shorty will have to do everything to keep her special someone safe and sound. The players’ mission or objective in this game is to play the role of Shorty. You will have to utilize the sniper weapons and shoot the enemies trying to go near Vinnie. This is a matter of good observation and accurate shooting skills.

Take on a sweet adventure with Pinata Hunter

Do you love sweets? Are you a candy lover? If you are positive about the questions asked, then you might like playing the flash game presented in this very article. The name of the flash game is Pinata Hunter. This is the first edition from the series with the same title. This is a game full of candies that most young gamers will surely love. There are two things that you should look forward into playing this game. First is the graphic designs that are appealing, attractive and live up to the title of this game. Second is the gameplay which may seem simple but gets tougher and harder as you progress.


Your main goal as the player of this edition is to break the piñata by utilizing the weapons provided in the game. You can upgrade each weapon if you are able to acquire or achieve a certain amount of points. The weapons are baseball bat and chainsaw.

More improvements to enjoy in flood runner 3

If you enjoyed the improvements made in Flood Runner 2, then enjoy more in the third sequel, Flood Runner 3. Find out more and play the game for free! The stickman is now fully animated. The background was also improved. And there are now several levels to jump up or down while running. The surfboard has been replaced by air columns which bring you back up to higher levels. Controls were also changed to choice of arrow keys or mouse.

You can now slowdown from running with the left arrow key, jump with the up arrow key and accelerate your fun with the right arrow key. If you are able to go on far, you will have to defeat enemies and have a chance to ride a dragon. Part of the main menu now is the Achievements which you can unlock by performing some tasks.