A Short game with amazing Sequels- Skull Kid

One of the quick and easy games is Skull Kid and there are different sequels of the game. It’s fun to play and you can play it for free. Skull Kid 3 is not different from it.
The aim of this game is to kill everything on the level. It is a side scrolling game where you have to go from right to left and vice versa through an office in order to help some workers those are stuck there. For doing this, you will be given different kinds of weapons. First, you will get an ironic chainsaw and as you will proceed in the game you will get more weapons that will make the game more fun to play. You have to face different challenges in the game and if you are a new player then you might have problem to face those challenges.
Don’t let your kids to play the game. Enjoy the Game!

Frightening Maze Game- Maze 3

Maze lovers always waiting for a new maze. Every maze games are different from one another. Same happened with Maze 3. Go here to play the game.
Maze 3 is an actual pleasurable game. The whole premise of the game is that you have to lead your mouse through a series of harder and harder mazes. The layout of the mazes isn’t very hard so you may think the game is very easy to play. However, the other condition is that you aren’t allowed to touch the walls and you have to get there fast to get highest point. At the same time, you have to navigate the maze while obstacles get more and more difficult.
You can play this amazing game in internet and guess what! It is completely free. If you are bored with regular mazes just try this one and you won’t realize how you have spent hours after hours playing this game.

Scary Maze Game with Freaking Lady!

A game can entertain you is all aspects. Sometimes is scares you, sometimes make you laugh and some time you get tensed. Maze Game is a kind of entertaining game and scary maze is one of them. You must try it. Play Now.
Scary Maze Game is very fun to play. Here when you will progress through the maze a lady from exorcist will jump out on the screen accompanied with a shrill scream. When this happens usually the played jumps and yells in fear. In order to enjoy the game hook up your headphones and listen the game. The new player who don’t have any idea about the game, mostly they are affected by the game.
It is a kind of prank game that is very fun to play. You will find the game is websites and you can play it for free. So, go and feel the excitement by yourself!

Download the Game of Life and Play as many times as You Want!

Now you can download you own game The Game of Life in your PC. Go to http://www.gameoflifeonline.com/game-of-life-download/ for details.
It takes 10-30 minutes to download this game. The game usually comes with user friendly installer. Choose the typical set-up and the game would be installed according to its default factory settings. After installation it will be instructed to restart your pc.
If you are a windows operating system user then you will find a shortcut of the game in your desktop. You just have to double click the icon to launch the game.
After downloading the game it’s all your! You can play the game as many times as you want. In this game you have to make money and take some right decision at right time. This game ends up with you retirement and the person with the highest money is the winner of the game. So, you and your friends can start playing the game right now!

Bubble Breaker- How to Download This Fun Game

Bubble Breaker is one of those online games that become easily addicted. You can play it online, and it’s completely free! Can’t you believe that? Visit http://www.bubble-breaker.net/bubble-breaker-download/  and play it by yourself.


Bubble Breaker can be played both online and in iOS or Android device. For this, you just have to download it. If you want to download it for free, you can do it on your computer. For this, just search on Google for free download of Bubble Breaker. You will find a lot of websites that will offer you free download of the game. Do not worry for the viruses because these websites are safe! Now just click on Download and the installer will be downloaded. After that run the installer and install the game in your computer. If you want to play this game on your gadgets, you have to buy this game which is $.99 only.


What are you waiting for? Just download and play Bubble Breaker!!!

Have Fun Struggling with Bubble Struggle Game

Bubble Struggle Game is an action-packed game that requires shooting all the bubbles in the air with your weapon.  Your character is actually a devil, and you must shoot all bubbles in your game screen to move to the next level.  Every game level is unique as you go, with a variety of color backgrounds, bubble sizes, amount of bubbles, and the many power-ups and cash points.  You can use the normal arrow keys to move your character around the game screen.   Use the space bar to shoot your weapon at incoming bubbles jumping in the air.  You can change the controls if you want to better fit your bubble shooting needs.  So, try to become the best bubble struggler and get rid of those bubbles quickly.  Time pressure is a part of this game and you also have a limited number of lives.  One hit from a bubble costs one life.

Colorful Bubble Struggle Game

Bubble Struggle Game features a devilish character that needs to shoot the dangerous bubbles in order to survive.  He is so cool carrying his weapon and wearing his shades as he moves through the screen.  The game play is so great and yet very simple.  It is really exciting when the game starts to be complicated as you advance in your game.  I think the best strategy to this game is to just hit one part and then keep on going to one side and all the way down to the last part.  The graphics is pretty good and I like the fact that it is very colorful.  Each level has different color background.  The uniqueness of each design adds to the wonderful experience of shooting the bubbles.  I would highly recommend Bubble Struggle to all gamers who like playing action packed games.  This game would truly bring you a different experience.

Have Fun with Bubble Struggle Game

Bubble Struggle game or originally called the Bubble Trouble is a well known game available online and an older version is downloadable through its official website.   This game can be played both in single player and two player modes.  Bubble Struggle has a colorful background that differs in every level and an uncomplicated game design and game play.  Your mission is to get rid of all the bubbles that jump around the screen by breaking them into smaller parts and which you can destroy eventually.  The latest version of Bubble Struggle has 22 levels and a high score system which allows players to save their best scores. This is a great game, it is simple but with an effective concept. This is a highly addicting and challenging game; I especially like the blu ray gun and the bubble shield.  However, lives are pretty rare; I only found one during my whole game.

The Game of Life Online: How This Game Got So Big

The Game of Life Online game is a game that came all the way centuries back. This game was originally created by Milton Bradley in 1860 as a board game. This was originally called ‘The Checkered Game of Life”. This board game is a simulation of a person’s life as he journeys through college up until one reaches retirement.  This game also simulates as one gets married, builds a family and builds a career in life. Basically, this game tackles life in every player’s move and turn. The original game is played with the use of a teetotum instead of a dice because a dice was believed to have suggested gambling. This game initially was introduced to have two to six players. However, revisions were made on the game to accommodate eight to ten players in the game.


Long after the first introduction of the game, a newer version of the game was released. This was released a hundred years later, in 1960. Just the same, the game is played the way it was originally played. It depicts as one individual journeys through life. This modern version of the game was created by Reuben Klamer in collaboration with Bill Markham. In this game, there is a track included where the players travel by spinning the small wheel in the middle of the game board. This has spaces which are numbered from one to ten. The game board has mountains, building and other three dimensional structures in it. The player’s playing pieces are small automobiles that are colored and made of plastic. These automobiles come in the red, blue, white, yellow, orange and green. There are six holes on top of the automobile where pegs are placed to indicate status like married or have adopted a child.


The development for this game never ceases. For up until now, newer and modified version still gets released. The game received positive feedback from gamers as it was introduced. Still, up to this moment, the same game is still played only on different version and edition.  However, there were also negative feedbacks saying that the game play shouldn’t have stopped at retirement. The developer should have continued on as retirement is not the end of life. It should have, others claimed, also simulated a life after retirement that is fruitful and fulfilling.


In 1998, the CD-ROM version of the Game of Life was created by Hashbro. This is a modern version of the game with computerized moves and animated graphics. This also allows the player to compete with other gamers over the internet. This version of the game also included features of the 1980 version of this game. However, this is already much the same way as it is played today. Nowadays, everything is already available through the internet. So, developers came up with a more sophisticated and upgraded version of the game. They came up with version like the Game of Life for MAC, The Game of Life for Android, and The Game of Life Online. They also came up with the Game of Life: Zapped edition. This edition for the game requires the iPad together with the board game to play this game. This includes the free application that comes with the game. Experience the journey through life as you travel through the game board once again. There are also versions of this same game that is made available online. You could play this game with friends from anywhere in the world. That is the reason why this game is loved by most gamers worldwide.


As you can see, this very simple game never ceases to develop. Now, they also came up with the Game of Life for the mobile devices.  You get to play the same game anywhere and anytime on your mobile phones. This only shows that there is a great demand for this game that developers tried to have this game available in every platform. This might keep you wondering how come this game had gone so far. That question might not be answered directly but the reception of gamers worldwide since centuries back has proven why. It is not only the game itself, but the story behind the game. The story of the game is the most common thing that people all over the world experience. People share the same thing as everyone else’s. The thing that I am talking about is the thing called “Life”.