Move, Take a Post, Snipe and Assault in the Strangers 4

The best military unit is back, and there is no one better to help them than you. In The Strangers 4, you are going to work with the Delta Force’s finest unit to save 3 hostages inside a terrorist-filled building. The game is a mix of shooting and strategy, so expect an action experience that you have never had. You control 3 units, an assault group and 2 sniper units. You can move or view them by using the GPS and click on the unit and move them to the site you want.

The Strangers 4 (1)

Viewing it will let you see what are they looking at, and you can also eliminate enemies at this window. Positioning the right unit in the right area is important. Each area has different numbers of enemy, and you don’t want the snipers in the most open position. Since you are working in the same building enemies in an area can also be seen in an adjacent position, that is where you want to put the snipers in, and eliminate as much as you can before letting the assault team trade fire. The Strangers 4 is a fun and exciting shooter game, strategize and analyze your approach to make your mission a success.

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