Help Your Crew In Guns of Icarus!

Guns of Icarus is a great fighting game, but this time it is set in the sky! Folks who like adventure, shooting and fighting will enjoy it! You are flying in the sky with your airship and your crew! Can it be more exciting? Come join this amazing world with awesome graphics! Join the faction and fight for it. You will have a great time playing it!

In this game you have a lot of possibilities to progress and upgrade your skills. You will also collect some very interesting items. And you will love your airships. As you progress you can unlock some amazing airships as well as new weapons. You will be fighting in battles along with your crew and it will be amazing! This game offers a very dynamic type of play where you need to be concentrated and prepared to resist the enemy. So if you think you can do that, click the site and challenge yourself!

Guns of Icarus (4)

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