Have Fun Struggling with Bubble Struggle Game

Bubble Struggle Game is an action-packed game that requires shooting all the bubbles in the air with your weapon.  Your character is actually a devil, and you must shoot all bubbles in your game screen to move to the next level.  Every game level is unique as you go, with a variety of color backgrounds, bubble sizes, amount of bubbles, and the many power-ups and cash points.  You can use the normal arrow keys to move your character around the game screen.   Use the space bar to shoot your weapon at incoming bubbles jumping in the air.  You can change the controls if you want to better fit your bubble shooting needs.  So, try to become the best bubble struggler and get rid of those bubbles quickly.  Time pressure is a part of this game and you also have a limited number of lives.  One hit from a bubble costs one life.

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