Get all the golden pearls all for yourself in Red Beard

It looks like that there is a new pirate in the ocean that everybody will be talking about in the future, the name is Red Beard. Help him satisfy his hunger for treasure in search of the purest and shiniest golden pearl of them all. Solve puzzles and reach the places where the golden balls are hidden. Test out both your brawns and brains in this, adventure-puzzle game that will get you addicted.

You will play as Red Beard and you must get all the golden pearls all for yourself. Control him using the arrow keys for movement and the Spacebar to make him jump. The mechanics are pretty complicated; you need to activate colored flat forms, using the pearl with the same color as them. If you pick up another colored pearl then the same colored flat form, the first one that you picked up will go back to its original place, and all the elevators with the same color will stop moving. Not all flat forms will start moving after you get a pearl with the same color, some need more than one before they will be activated. At the start of a stage, there is a placard that will show how many pearls will you be needing to activate a colored flat form. The score that you will earn will be higher if you finish the stage faster.

Since you are searching for gold in islands, there will be water all over the place, you can just stay for 5 seconds underwater, stay too long and you get one life reduction. After you lose all 3 lives your score will be totaled and if it is good enough will get you qualified for the top score list. If Red Beard got you so addicted but you cannot finish it in one gaming session then just open it with the same browser you used to play the game, and you can continue on your progress. Visit to play the game.

Red Beard 2 (5)

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