Find the safe exit in Survival Lab

There is a variety of meanings that the word “survival” has. It can be connected to mankind’s strive for everyday survival. It can also be related to a success in a particular event such as a triathlon, a competition or a fitness program. There is also the colloquial resemblance to the students’ aim in an exam or series of exams. There could be many meanings to almost everything which makes life worth exploring and living. There is a flash game that is also about surviving and it is called Survival Lab.

Survival Lab

It is a flash game developed by Max Games. This is all about surviving the mysterious and creepy laboratory. The scenario in this game is that you are placed in an unknown laboratory and your mission is to find the safe exit. To achieve your goal, you must surpass the hurdles in the laboratory by jumping or running over them as well as collecting bonuses to add up to your score. This simple pixelated game can be found and played online.

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