Experience chills and thrill with Scary Maze Game

Most of us are aware of maze games where one needs to survive the confusing and tough set of labyrinths before reaching the safe exit. What if there is something more unique than a simple maze game? Yes, there is a flash game that is quite unique. It is called Scary Maze Game. From the title alone, you can easily sense that it has something to do with scary things set up in a game. You are totally correct because this is a one of a kind maze game which is also the first or introductory edition from the game series called Scary Maze Game.


You will be dealing with a maze in which you have to survive and reach the end. You will control and navigate a colored dot that must pass through the maze without touching the walls. If it does touch the wall, there is a surprise that will either excite, shock or scare you to the limits.

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