Excellent Game-Penguin Diner 5

Penguin Diner 5 is the fifth installment of the series game where you are going to play as a penguin who is a cooker. You will have a restaurant in this game and all your customers are penguin. You have to serve them foods and earn money. You can find the game at http://www.penguindiner3.org/penguin-diner-5.
Penguin Diner 5 is a great game to play and you will have a wonderful time with the game. In this game your task is to prepare foods quickly and serve the customers. You have to play the game properly and wise because you will not have lots of heaters to cook foods. You will have only three heaters at the beginning and slowly you have to add new heaters to serve more customers. You can also increase the size of your restaurant and it will be a great fun for you to play and enjoy.

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