Eliminate dark cars in Vehicles 1

Fond of Vehicles? There is a flash game that will make you excited and pumped up. That flash game is called Vehicles 1. There are many games existing online which have a theme about vehicles. The challenge to make a game standout depends on the creativity of game creators. They have to plan and create with authenticity and entertainment. The flash game series Vehicles is very unique and you can determine details about it when you continue reading the whole content.
With Vehicles 1, players will have to accomplish one goal and that goal is to eliminate all the dark or bad vehicles out of the platform and even out of the screen. You will have to use the different light colored cars to push or bump the bad ones out of the way and park the light cars on the designated place. There are 25 basic levels and 10 mega levels which everyone can enjoy. Go and search Vehicles 1 and have a thrilling gaming experience now!


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