Download the Game of Life and Play as many times as You Want!

Now you can download you own game The Game of Life in your PC. Go to for details.
It takes 10-30 minutes to download this game. The game usually comes with user friendly installer. Choose the typical set-up and the game would be installed according to its default factory settings. After installation it will be instructed to restart your pc.
If you are a windows operating system user then you will find a shortcut of the game in your desktop. You just have to double click the icon to launch the game.
After downloading the game it’s all your! You can play the game as many times as you want. In this game you have to make money and take some right decision at right time. This game ends up with you retirement and the person with the highest money is the winner of the game. So, you and your friends can start playing the game right now!

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