Cursed Treasure 2: Don’t Touch My Gems

If you are into tower defense browser games, Cursed Treasure 2 is a must play. Accomplish every level responsibly. The ultimate goal in this game is to take care of your treasured gems. What you must do is to build three towers; the lairs, the crypts and the temples, around the building where the gems are located, strategically to protect those from vicious invaders.
The game has something to do with the number 3. There are three towers, three lands and three level ranking. Every successful defending of a level will be ranked based on how good you defended the treasured building. Good, Excellent and Brilliant is what you will be ranked. If ever you did not improve in every level, you will still get rewards. But, more prizes await for the raise of ranking. If you want to develop your critical thinking? Cursed Treasure 2 has it for you.

Cursed Treasure 2 (1)

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