Collect the stars in Free Rider 2

Do you love riding a bicycle? If your answer is a yes, then you are one of the environment-friendly people. A bicycle has many benefits that most of us can take advantage of. One is the fact that it is a good medium of transportation as well as an environment-friendly way too because it doesn’t require fuel that creates smoke which damages the environment. Another advantage is that it is a good tool for exercising. Last is the fact that it is efficient in terms of heavy traffic because it can be driven in steep streets due to its thinness and lightness.

Free Rider 2 (1)

There is no wonder why there are flash games that incorporate this mode of transportation. One example is the game called Free Rider 2. The process of this game is pretty simple. You just have to guide and navigate the BMX bicycle across different tracks while collecting stars for points. You must also perform the required stunts in different checkpoints. To play this fantastic game, you can search for

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