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Amigo Pancho 8: The Death Star

Are you looking for an adventure game online? Do you like to travel the world in a different style? Then play Amigo Pancho game series. Help your friend Amigo Pancho travel to different places. But be warned, he is travelling by air by only holding two balloons. And in the sixth installment, Amigo Pancho 6, he will be travelling across Southeast Asia to Afghanistan.

Amigo Pancho loves traveling from place to place. What is amazing with his love to travel is his means of travelling: he travels by air but by holding two balloons only. One day, as he was watching television, he saw news from Afghanistan which called his attention and interest. Help him as he flies his way towards Afghanistan. It will be a very dangerous journey, considering how sensitive balloons are. You must help him avoid obstacles and objects which might pop out his balloons just like cactuses and thorns. Use the balloons to your advantage.


Amigo Pancho 6 is consists of twenty five levels for your enjoyment. In some levels, there is a gold star for you to collect, an additional challenge for you as you make your way through those levels. Try to finish each level as fast as you can and collect the star for higher scores. Play the game using your mouse. And when you are done with all twenty five levels, try to beat your own record in each level.

Amigo Pancho 6 is another addicting and challenging adventure game you will surely love. And like its prequels, it is totally free to play. You do not need to pay for anything. You also do not need to create or login to any account in order to play. Because it is addicting, you will surely ask for more. So be prepared to once again help your friend in Amigo Pancho 8: The Death Star.

Try playing the addicting Red Ball 6

The Red Ball game series is one cool addicting game you will surely love. Help the cute little red ball on his various adventures. Just be quick in solving problems as you roll and jump. You will surely enjoy each and every sequel.

Red Ball 1 is like a tutorial stage; you will be taught how to get through problems and situations. In Red Ball 2, a storyline was added: the cute little red ball had found the love of his life, Pink Ball. But it must surpass all hindrances to get to her. In Red Ball 3, while red ball and pink ball were in a park a black ball appeared and thought it should be him and pink ball. Then he knocked down red ball and kidnapped pink ball. Red ball must save pink ball from black ball’s evil plans. In Red Ball 4 volume 1, while red ball and pink ball were having fun, one of their red ball friends showed up. Alas! It was no ball at all, it was turned into a red square. Red ball must save the other red balls and stop black square from his evil schemes. In Red Ball 4 volume 2, also known as Red Ball 5, red ball must once again stop and defeat Black Square.

Another cool addicting game of the Red Ball game series is the sixth installment, Red Ball 4 volume 3 or simply Red Ball 6. This is the final segment of the Red Ball 4 trilogy. Your goal is to save the red balls from being turned into red squares and stop Back Square from his evil plans once and for all. This time, you will be rolling and jumping inside the deadly factory where the red balls are being turned into red squares.


Red Ball 6 is another cool addicting game you cannot just give up on. No matter how hard, you will surely find a way to get through. Lots of players had finished the game and had uploaded videos of their play. You can check those videos although it would be best to solve the game on your own.

Survive the crazy platforms in Vex 3

Have you heard of the popular online flash game Vex 3? It is the latest game of adventurous Vex game series. Just like the previous two versions, this game is also a breathtaking one full of new obstacles and adventures.


When you start playing the game, Vex 3, you will find simple graphics which will make if doubtful if the game is worth of your time. The surprise is – as soon as you start the tutorial portion, you will discover how engaging this game can be. You need to have a first reflex and decision making ability to play as Stickman, the hero of this game, and will have very short time to go from one check point to another.

The game will present hundreds of obstacles which you need to pass through running, swimming or jumping between the walls. A simple hesitation may make you suffocated under water or make you fall from the top to below because of trembling stair cases. You may think that you will fall from the sky and get a cushion to save yourself, but will find out spikes ready to tear you apart or may be worse.

The more you advance from one level to another; the journey will be more challenging and enjoyable. Good thing is there are checkpoints, so if you die at a certain point you can revive yourself on the closest checkpoint you have reached earlier.

To make Vex 3 more interesting, you can have a timer where you can see how fast you are progressing. As the game control is the easiest you can find, consists of only the arrows or awds keys, you can start playing immediately.
As you go forward you can earn trophies and unlock different obstacles in Vex 3. And the surprising thing is you can build customized stages and challenge your friends if they dare to complete the stage with a single chance. If you are wondering what else to find in this simple looking but exciting game, let’s start playing it now.

Control and guide the big truck in Gloomy Truck

Trucks are big vehicles that have big purpose. There are many uses of these vehicles. First is that they can serve as transportation medium from one place to another. Second is the fact that they can serve as an integral part of business deliveries around the world. Third is because of the fact that they are good for transporting heavy loads. This content that you are currently scanning and skimming presents a great game about big trucks. The name of the game is Gloomy Truck.

This is created and developed by Flash Online Racing and has been giving smiles to gamers’ faces around the world. The scenario in this game is that you have to control and guide the big truck in dumping toxic waste materials at a certain dumpsite. Your goal is to clear all the toxics without leftovers or anything. Hauling toxic cargo can be challenging but as long as you are good at controlling, you are on the right track.

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It is a battle of metal and brass in Robot Rage

Robot Rage is an existing flash game online which is obviously about robots. Nowadays, these technological products are being incorporated in most industries because of their efficiency and effectiveness. They are considered to be the next generation of work force which somehow connotes negative aspects perceived by many people. But we should all remember that robots are man-made which means we are the ones responsible to turn them on and off.


Going back to the game, your mission as the player is to control a robot and help it win in different fights that it will engage on the arena. You will have to beat other opponents’ robot in order to achieve points and money which will be very integral in upgrading certain stuffs to boost your success in this game. Make your robot be the best one possible by great intervention and execution. Go and have some fun with Robot Rage now!

Get all the golden pearls all for yourself in Red Beard

It looks like that there is a new pirate in the ocean that everybody will be talking about in the future, the name is Red Beard. Help him satisfy his hunger for treasure in search of the purest and shiniest golden pearl of them all. Solve puzzles and reach the places where the golden balls are hidden. Test out both your brawns and brains in this, adventure-puzzle game that will get you addicted.

You will play as Red Beard and you must get all the golden pearls all for yourself. Control him using the arrow keys for movement and the Spacebar to make him jump. The mechanics are pretty complicated; you need to activate colored flat forms, using the pearl with the same color as them. If you pick up another colored pearl then the same colored flat form, the first one that you picked up will go back to its original place, and all the elevators with the same color will stop moving. Not all flat forms will start moving after you get a pearl with the same color, some need more than one before they will be activated. At the start of a stage, there is a placard that will show how many pearls will you be needing to activate a colored flat form. The score that you will earn will be higher if you finish the stage faster.

Since you are searching for gold in islands, there will be water all over the place, you can just stay for 5 seconds underwater, stay too long and you get one life reduction. After you lose all 3 lives your score will be totaled and if it is good enough will get you qualified for the top score list. If Red Beard got you so addicted but you cannot finish it in one gaming session then just open it with the same browser you used to play the game, and you can continue on your progress. Visit to play the game.

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Move, Take a Post, Snipe and Assault in the Strangers 4

The best military unit is back, and there is no one better to help them than you. In The Strangers 4, you are going to work with the Delta Force’s finest unit to save 3 hostages inside a terrorist-filled building. The game is a mix of shooting and strategy, so expect an action experience that you have never had. You control 3 units, an assault group and 2 sniper units. You can move or view them by using the GPS and click on the unit and move them to the site you want.

The Strangers 4 (1)

Viewing it will let you see what are they looking at, and you can also eliminate enemies at this window. Positioning the right unit in the right area is important. Each area has different numbers of enemy, and you don’t want the snipers in the most open position. Since you are working in the same building enemies in an area can also be seen in an adjacent position, that is where you want to put the snipers in, and eliminate as much as you can before letting the assault team trade fire. The Strangers 4 is a fun and exciting shooter game, strategize and analyze your approach to make your mission a success.

Be the famous superhero in superman games

Save Metropolis City and its people from its destruction, as villains, robots and monsters siege the city. Play as the Man of Steel himself, in Superman Returns, one of the many famous superman games. Roam across the whole city like a speeding bullet and look for bad guys trying to destroy the city. Use all of Superman’s power at your will to stop their rampage. You will face off with famous Superman villains like Bizzaro and Metallo. Ultimately, stop Lex Luthor from destroying the whole planet.

Go on a mission and capture escaped criminals and blow away dragons as they rob and destroy the city. The city has its own health bar and when it receives too much damage the game is over. Some villains will escape once they see that they are no match for you, they will run off and wreak havoc on another area, so you have to capture them before they escape. You have to constantly look for villains in different areas trying to destroy the city to continue on with the game. Using too much power can also cause destruction on the city, so as you play the game you have to learn to control utilizing Superman’s power. Watch out for some cut-scenes as you defeat certain enemies.

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You may find people stuck in burning houses, kittens stranded up in buildings, some of these missions unlock costumes for Superman, and video clips on the Fortress of Solitude. You can also collect trophies for completing various tasks and challenges like finding all kittens and travel 10,000 miles. If you are not in a superhero mood you can also try the hidden “Bizzaro Rampage” mode, where you can play as Bizzaro where you can freely roam in the city and destroy everything. Bizarro also have the same power as Superman so basically you can enjoy destroying without having the game over. You can also look for superman games for xbox 360.

Solve the puzzles in Townhouse Basement Escape

If you like solving puzzles and looking for clues and items, escape games will surely be challenging for you. Know how it feels to be trapped in a townhouse basement and try to find a way out. There are only three locations to look and search for items. You need to find items needed for your escape and you will also solve some puzzles. Patience and perseverance are greatly required in playing this kind of games.


It is not easy to find items, especially if they are hidden in unexpected locations. Even the puzzles are not easy to solve. To add to the difficulty is the need of going back and forth from the three locations. But worry not; the game is not that hard, just challenging enough for your enjoyment. And if you really cannot find anything anymore, a walkthrough can be consulted.

Collect candies as many as you can in Pinata Hunter 3

Pinata Hunter 3 is the third installment from the sweet-filled game series called Pinata Hunter. It has something to do with the famous Pinata which we usually see and enjoy during birthdays and other festivities. There are two reasons why you will love this flash game. First is because it is easy to play due to understandable graphics and features. Second is because it involves candies which are sweet and delicious. You may not taste them for real but you will still enjoy the sweetness virtually.

The instruction or objective in this third offering is very simple which is to hit the Pinata and collect all the candies as many as you can. In each level, there are different equipment or instrument that you can use. If you are able to earn enough money, you can finally buy the chainsaw to hit the elephant filled with candies. Enjoy and play this delicious and sweet game at