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Earn to Die PC VS Mobile

The top attracting and engaging game named Earn to Die is available for its players either on PC or Mobile. You are given the opportunity to choose between them and enjoy the way that brings you more pleasure and fun. Still hard to decide which way to play? Rather hard choice, isn’t it? Let’s review the advantages and disadvantages of every option above presented so that you have a full picture of the options of the game and decide which one suits you best.

Many people claim that playing the game  on smartphone is much more convenient and gives you the chance to start enjoying the game any time you decide as the game is always there for you, waiting in your pocket patiently.

Mobile version

On the other hand, playing the game Earn to Die on the PC is much more highly recommended since this way you are given a full picture of the game and you can assess the graphics and animation of the game as it is created. The options are at hand just one click and you can arrange the options at your convenience. Focus the upgrading chances on the transmission of the engine of the car. Use your cash for the upgrades in order to improve acceleration. Also, if you upgrade your Transmission, it means you will have a better maximum speed. Both of these upgrades will be of great help to you and the car will run way too fast while you are playing the game in your Personal Computer. Also don’t forget that some version of the game, like 2012 part 2 or Earn to Die 4 are available only on your computer.


Additionally, you need to make sure that you buy and equip a gun once you have some currency at hand. You have limited armor in the game and yet it will be useful for you to shoot down zombies without making much effort. Operating system for the PC should be Windows 7 so that the game opens on the PC for you to enjoy. RAM has to be 2 GB, Hard Disc space – 300 MB and more.  CPU – 1.7 GHz Intel Dual Core processor or later one. Open the website where the game Earn to Die is available and click on the button download so that it starts to get downloaded on the PC. Give it some time and once it is downloaded on the PC you are free to enjoy it whenever you want and with whoever you want. It is out of question that playing on the computer gives you the chance to explore and find out even brighter graphics. Download it with no cost to you, free of charge.

PC version

There is an evacuation ship waiting for you on the other side of the country. The only obstacle you will encounter is a city after a city that is actively overrun by scary and disgusting zombies. What do you have as a helping tool here? Barely a car, a run-down car and some amount of money. All you need to do here is to drive through hordes of zombies in order to survive. The game Earn to Die introduces a completely new Story Mode that is five times longer than the previous ones.

My Dolphin Show 4

If you enjoyed the previous games, this is definitely the game for you.




You can play this game via this link

Have Fun with Monkey Go Happy 7

Monkey Go Happy 7 is the seventh installment of the game series and when you will play it you will enjoy your time a lot. If you want to enjoy your time you can try this one and you can have fun with it. The monkeys have different shapes and sizes and each has different wishes.
Monkey Go Happy 7 is a wonderful game with lots of amazing monkeys. You can gain a very good time with this game and hopefully you will be able to pass very good time with it. The concept of this game is very unique and you can have fun with it. The graphical view is also very interesting and you can get lots of fun with this game. You will find mummy monkey, daddy monkey, teen monkey, kid monkey and grandpa and grandma monkey as well. The monkeys have different wishes and they feel very good when you solve their puzzles.

Duck Life 3 – Fun And Interesting!

Duck Life 3 is basically a racing game. In this game, you have to train your duck to compete against other ducks in a race. There are different categories of races. Your duck must know how to swim, fly and run fast. Duck Life is that one game that really tests your speed and accuracy. You have to train your duck with dedication. It will do you no good if your duck runs fast, but is unable to dodge the obstacles in the way. The hurdles are there to slow down your duck. But you have to act quickly and smartly, and try to save your duck from these obstructions. There will be potholes, too. The controls can be quite tricky. You have to get used to the keys that control the speed and movement of the duck. Once you get used to them, then you can focus on the main race.

Let’s enjoy the Fancy Pants 2

Fancy Pants 2 is second part of Fancy Pants world 1. Fancy Pants 2 is the most attracting game. It is also a funny game. Thousands of players are playing this game regularly. Fancy Pants 2 is the best game ever to play online.
Fancy Pants 2 is an interesting game. Player must be enjoyed playing this game. The game is very funny because it’s made based on ice creams. This game is available in our website. All age people can play this game. It is a very enjoyable game. When you started playing this game you went to just playing. This game is very logical and funny too. But it’s really entertained of our mind. When your mind fresh you can solve all problem very easily. This game not only entertained things it also important our daily life. So you and your friends and family both can enjoy this game as practical.

Get Fun -Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 1

This Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 1 is very initial installment of those Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys games. This is why you need to know about this game first as this is the first one. You need to find out the special quest in this game.
This Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 1 game is all about the monkey and their happiness. So when you play this game you need to know what to do for the monkey and for making them happy. In this game you may see that you need to find out something. Actually you need to find out the mini monkey. There have huge mini monkey who are hiding in different places and you need to find those place and then find out those monkeys. When you can get those monkeys then you level is over. You need to do this in every level and this is the main rule of this game.

A Nice Game-Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is an online free game that is open for all. The game is hosted on different gaming websites and most of the sites are offering the game for the players for free. It is a shooting type game but very much attracting and addicting. All aged people can enjoy this game. So don’t wait, play it and finish this game.
Bubble Shooter is divided into different levels and all of the levels are very thrilling and interesting for the gamers. It is moderated game that you will enjoy to play online whenever you want and it will never ask you to pay money. The game is a widely played game that is very thrilling in some levels. When the gamers shoot at the bubbles they get a unique feeling that any other games can’t give you. Do you think that you will get fun by playing other games? I can’t guarantee about this but I am sure that you will like this game.

Have fun with Troll Face Quest 1

Troll Face Quest 1 is amazing game which is based on common sense of the player. The game has several installment and most of them are full of action. This game is very interesting because you will only give the basic test of your mind in the game. There is no need to fight or shoot in the game. It will be really very pleasing for you.
When you will start to play the Troll Face Quest 1 you will realize that you are having different problems in the game. Sometimes you will have to turn off the TV or sometimes you will have to save a sick man. All of these are very interesting and there are some basic terms in the game that you have to follow. If you don’t follow all the rules properly you will not be able to win the game. The game is not a fighting game so you will not have any aggressive feeling playing the game.