Be the famous superhero in superman games

Save Metropolis City and its people from its destruction, as villains, robots and monsters siege the city. Play as the Man of Steel himself, in Superman Returns, one of the many famous superman games. Roam across the whole city like a speeding bullet and look for bad guys trying to destroy the city. Use all of Superman’s power at your will to stop their rampage. You will face off with famous Superman villains like Bizzaro and Metallo. Ultimately, stop Lex Luthor from destroying the whole planet.

Go on a mission and capture escaped criminals and blow away dragons as they rob and destroy the city. The city has its own health bar and when it receives too much damage the game is over. Some villains will escape once they see that they are no match for you, they will run off and wreak havoc on another area, so you have to capture them before they escape. You have to constantly look for villains in different areas trying to destroy the city to continue on with the game. Using too much power can also cause destruction on the city, so as you play the game you have to learn to control utilizing Superman’s power. Watch out for some cut-scenes as you defeat certain enemies.

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You may find people stuck in burning houses, kittens stranded up in buildings, some of these missions unlock costumes for Superman, and video clips on the Fortress of Solitude. You can also collect trophies for completing various tasks and challenges like finding all kittens and travel 10,000 miles. If you are not in a superhero mood you can also try the hidden “Bizzaro Rampage” mode, where you can play as Bizzaro where you can freely roam in the city and destroy everything. Bizarro also have the same power as Superman so basically you can enjoy destroying without having the game over. You can also look for superman games for xbox 360.

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