Amigo Pancho 8: The Death Star

Are you looking for an adventure game online? Do you like to travel the world in a different style? Then play Amigo Pancho game series. Help your friend Amigo Pancho travel to different places. But be warned, he is travelling by air by only holding two balloons. And in the sixth installment, Amigo Pancho 6, he will be travelling across Southeast Asia to Afghanistan.

Amigo Pancho loves traveling from place to place. What is amazing with his love to travel is his means of travelling: he travels by air but by holding two balloons only. One day, as he was watching television, he saw news from Afghanistan which called his attention and interest. Help him as he flies his way towards Afghanistan. It will be a very dangerous journey, considering how sensitive balloons are. You must help him avoid obstacles and objects which might pop out his balloons just like cactuses and thorns. Use the balloons to your advantage.


Amigo Pancho 6 is consists of twenty five levels for your enjoyment. In some levels, there is a gold star for you to collect, an additional challenge for you as you make your way through those levels. Try to finish each level as fast as you can and collect the star for higher scores. Play the game using your mouse. And when you are done with all twenty five levels, try to beat your own record in each level.

Amigo Pancho 6 is another addicting and challenging adventure game you will surely love. And like its prequels, it is totally free to play. You do not need to pay for anything. You also do not need to create or login to any account in order to play. Because it is addicting, you will surely ask for more. So be prepared to once again help your friend in Amigo Pancho 8: The Death Star.

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